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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Mediabuddies global study uncovers secrets of journalists, advertising and PR lifestyles

Link - The findings of the first global study into lifestyles of press and broadcast journalists, advertising and public relation people, conducted for Mediabuddies.com, the industry’s worldwide reunion club by market research firm VAR International, and published today (17 January 2005) shows:

 83% rated themselves ‘hard working’, ‘hard loving’ (38%) and ‘hard drinking’ (25%). A sizeable minority would like more ‘hard loving’ (31%), more ‘hard working’ (13%) and only a few more ‘hard drinking’ (5%).

 24% confessed to having had an affair with an office colleague, 20% met their partner at work and 29% knew someone know who was having an affair at work.

 26% of the respondents working in TV & radio and the press said they were not upset at all by intruding into other people’s private lives and were just doing their job; 23% said they were upset but needed to do the job and 21% said they would be upset and avoided such work.

 79% said they believed in what they wrote and promoted but agreed some compromise was necessary.

 The ©Happiness Index based on freedom from money worries, peace of mind, enjoying good health and achieving potential showed the highest ‘happiness score’ amongst those over 59 and the lowest amongst those cohabiting. Men had a higher happiness score than women.

 The top three benefits of working in the media was being creative, job satisfaction and making a difference;

 25% would have chosen another career if they had their lives over again, with the law, sport, acting and medicine topping the list of preferred jobs;

 Only 2% would want their children to follow them into a media career. Most (74%) would leave it to them to decide.


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