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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Online Ads May Account for All of NYT's Added Revenue

Link - The New York Times saw online ad revenues increase by about a third, although it failed to break out the specific revenue figures by medium. Net ad revenues grew 32.2 percent, contributing - along with the Times's broadcast properties - to a lumped together sum of $46 million for the last quarter. Since the lumped together category grew by less than half the online growth rate, net advertising clearly outpaced all other media and may even account for all of the year's growth across all media. Across all media, the Times's revenues grew only 2.2 percent in December and 3.5 percent for 2004, totaling $2.19 billion. Interestingly, the company confirmed that the flagship newspaper brand would remain free online, but that they would review that decision annually. (via MarketingVox)


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