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Friday, February 18, 2005

Cellular South forms alliance with other carriers

PRAM Central member Cellular South and several independent tier two and three CDMA carriers have joined forces to form the Associated Carrier Group, LLC, an alliance that will collaborate their efforts to efficiently provide timely and competitive value to consumers in member markets while creating efficiencies of scale for manufacturers and vendors. Hu Meena, president of Cellular South, will serve as chairman.

The other charter members include Cellcom, First Cellular of Southern Illinois, and Midwest Wireless Holdings, LLC.

"ACG will serve as a vehicle to harness its members' collective volume and knowledge to work with wireless phone and equipment manufacturers and vendors to increase efficiencies, including streamlining technical requirements," said Meena. "The group will initially focus on improving the widespread and timely availability of CDMA devices enabling member companies to bring the latest technologies and cost savings to consumers in a timely manner."


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