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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Funny online marketing spreads like virus (and it's supposed to)

Link (free registration required) - You've probably seen www.subservientchicken.com by now. It's made the rounds on e-mail. There's this person in a chicken suit and you type in a command such as "jump" or "read" or "fly" and the chicken does what you ask. Funny, yes; cute, kind of; creepy, kind of; but what's the point? Viral marketing. The site belongs to Burger King, and it lets you "get chicken just the way you like it." Get it? So you think it's hilarious, and you send it to all your friends, and they send it to all their friends because it is so very hilarious, and before you know it everyone in the world knows you can get chicken the way you like it at Burger King. Furthermore, everyone in the world knows that Burger King is kind of hip, kind of funny, the kind of company you'd like to support with your fast-food dollar. That's the idea of viral marketing. You want a marketing product so clever or ubiquitous your name gets out there practically all by itself. Spreads like a virus, as it were.


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