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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

PR Still Figuring Out ‘Integrated Communications’

A third of respondents in a new survey say they allocate only between 10% and 49% of their PR budget to integrated communications while just 10% devote more than 75%. The joint survey by PR News and Porter Novelli also found a lack of cohesion between PR execs and their IT counterparts as well as a chasm between PR and legal. “Communicators have to find ways to more deeply immerse themselves in areas they may consider foreign,” says Gary Stockman, president of Porter Novelli. Asked why PR and legal/IT are like two ships passing in the night Stockman say, ”Silos have grown up on their own and those boundaries are not easily crossed.”

Tom Martin, senior vp/director of corporate relations at ITT Industries (and president of the Arthur W. Page Society), adds the IT numbers “should not be as bad as they are because it’s becoming part of the normal way of doing business to communicate [via the Web] both internally and externally.”

To read the whole story and see the results, go to www.prnewsonline.com


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