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Monday, March 07, 2005

Converting a Corporate Cause to a Grassroots Campaign via the Web

Link - One of the most heralded aspects of the World Wide Web's proliferation is how anyone can now share their message around the world at virtually no cost. Reaching across borders, cultures, and ideologies, the Internet has become the ideal soapbox through which to exercise free speech.

For some corporations, this has become somewhat of a liability: boycotts against companies are now easier to organize; messages from opposing organizations can be more clearly defined and disseminated; and control over which messages are reaching the general public about an organization drops substantially.

The upside is that there's no reason for companies not to embrace the Web in a similar vein as home-grown activists in order to promote their own causes. Setting up stand-alone web sites that clearly define issues affecting both companies and their respective customers is proving to be a rather successful strategy. Even better, web sites are excellent platforms through which to get visitors involved by offering and managing a fully planned Call to Action.


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