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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Marketing as creativity

Link - Of all the slams on marketing, one of the biggest is that it is, in a word, guesswork. That distinctly pejorative view of our shared business discipline is that it is without any discipline at all. Images abound of marketers with Aquafina bottles in hand, brainstorming amidst riotous laughter, in conference rooms wallpapered in ad concept sketches. The authors of this article protest that this is an uninformed, almost-Hollywood-tainted view of marketers. That, far from being the job of creating first-quality BS and strategic initiatives based on wild guesses, marketing is an occupation of knowledge and information. The authors want the world to understand that marketing is a series of rational decisions resting on solid and carefully researched fact. They strive to soundly disabuse our engineering and sales and finance cousins of the view that marketing is just a bunch of guesswork. Only problem is: it's true.


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