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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Three ways to turn vague attributes into compelling copy

If you have clients who want you to write about who they are, you probably have clients thrusting a list of attributes in your face. On the list, you'll find the usual suspects: quality, commitment to service, out-of-the-box this and proactive that. These attributes will be deemed attractive to customers and, indeed, the client may even legitimately embrace them. But while clients would be content, even thrilled, if you were to literally and liberally spackle these words into your headlines and body copy, you're hesitant. With good reason. Big attributes have little credibility. In any industry or category, the same claims are made by multiple competitors, diluting their impact. Worse, big attributes are large abstractions-foggy, ethereal ideas that don't have the concrete physical presence that evokes emotion. As a corrective, this article offers three techniques for transforming vague attributes into compelling copy.

Read the full article from MarketingProfs.com (free registration required).


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