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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Good example, Bad example

I talked earlier of Robert Scoble being a good example of handling negative comments about your company via blogging. In our education, we all need the real-life bad examples too. No need to fret...Church of the Customer points us to a corporate blog of MeetUp.com, who recently switched from a free to fee set-up, in which Meetup's VP of Communications, Myles Weissleder, makes fun of the Seattle Blogger Meetup Group by posting a satiric message on the Meetup.com corporate blog calling the offending group "Belly'Achin Bloggers in Seattle."

The group posted some comical pictures from the meeting with snarky captions about Meetup's new fee plan. This making-fun-of-customers story is, of course, making its way across the blogosphere.

One of the Seattle bloggers provides good advice on working with bloggers:
  • Never, ever insult your customers, even in jest.
  • Think before you blog, especially if you're a corporate blogger.
  • Bloggers are the worst people in the world to insult, because they will tell the whole world about it.


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