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Friday, April 29, 2005

IDI launches "blogger relations" program

Issue Dynamics, Inc., known for its blogad campaign for the United Church of Christ, has launched a formal Blogger Relations Practice and a companion Web site.
More and more non-profit and corporate organizations are realizing that they ignore the blogosphere at their own peril. If not closely monitored, blogs can surprise an organization with a storm gathering around their issue or brand. At the same time, blogs provide an opportunity to reach so-called "influentials"—those members of society responsible for influencing mass opinion within their personal and professional circles.

The most interesting offering to me is "blogger training." As it becomes more popular there seems to be more and more of an impetus to "find" someone in your organization to blog (and blog well). But blogging for business is basically a mixture of corporate communications, copy writing and essay writing - find someone in house who can bring all three to the table and you've got it made.


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