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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Analysing corporate websites for competitive intelligence

You've found your competitor's site (and the chances are that youdidn't even need to Google it - you guessed or knew the domain name).Now what? Well, obviously you want to visit as much of it as you canto vacuum up any tidbits of information that will tell you about theirstrategy, their values and what they want to tell the world. At thesame time you'll be aware that much of the information is there tosell the company and may not be 100% reliable: 'brochure-ware' is aterm sometimes used.

Yet is this all that can be done?

Is there more that could be found if you just knew how?

The answer is usually yes! (via ResourceShelf)


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You are only getting 10 hits a day and this is a pr blog? What's the deal folks?

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