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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Integrating Blogs With PR And Marketing

First there was Business Week featuring Steve Rubel in their cover story on blogs last week, complete with full-page photo.

Today, the Wall Street Journal reports that CooperKatz, the PR firm Steve works for, has begun a project with Vespa USA to develop two blogs that will be written by US owners of the Italian motor scooters.

But, this isn't the most significant news. The real news lies in a comment Steve makes in his post today about the new relationship:

[...] Vespa USA has contracted CooperKatz and Company, my employer, not only for blogging but for its comprehensive US public relations effort as well.

Integrated communications, folks.

The FAQ on the new VespaBlogs site describe how the blogs program will work and what it's intended to achieve, including this explanation on building buzz and driving traffic to the blogs: Piaggio USA plans to execute a small ad buy on both blogs and search engines to support the launch. In addition, since the online marketing and PR programs are tightly integrated, the blogs will integrate into the broader PR strategy as well. In addition, the VespaUSA.com site will link to the blogs once launched.

For the full story from WebProNews, click here.


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