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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Irrational Blogguberance?

BL Ochman of the What's Next? blog answers a resounding YES! to Pete Blackshaw, CMO of Intelliseek, who asks in Clickz whether all the recent uproar about corporate blogging is "Irrational Blogguberance?" Blackshaw points out that a lot of blogs are abandoned - Ochman says because they are hard work.

But I don't think anyone in Mississippi will be accused of irrational blogguberance, more like blogophobia. I can't count on one hand the number of corporate blogs that I know of in Mississippi.

In the posting, Ochman collects the postings she has written on corporate blogging:

* Straight Talk About Blogs Do You Really Need One?Excerpt: Blogging caveats:- Blogs are writing intensive.- Maintaining a blog is hard work.- Blogs are no more of a "build it and they will come" medium than Web sites.- A blog that isn't well-written and frequently updated will simply be ignored.- A blog that is an obvious attempt at self promotion may be mocked by other bloggers. You could be a laughing stock of the blogosphere.
* Blogs Still Mystify: Ten Companies That Missed Great Blog Opportunities
* Everything You Need to Know About Business Blogging But Didn't Know Who to Ask
* What Could Your Company Do With a Blog? How Smart Companies Use Blogs for Marketing and PR Success and How You Can Too


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