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Monday, May 16, 2005

Recent Data on Blogging Growth Reveals Why You Need the Right Business Blogging Strategy If You’re Going to Get the Results You Want

What’s the dirty little secret buried in a recent blogging report, and why is it so vital for your success with business blogging?

Well it’s not revealed in the press release itself, but rather in a post at the BlogPulse Blog Here’s the key quote related to blog activity that caught my attention:

According to our statistics, 31% are active within the last 30 days, 44% are active within the last 60 days and slightly more than half (51%) are active within the last 90 days. “Active” means a new post has been added.

Only one-third of these bloggers are posting on a monthly basis, and more than half have not posted in 90-days! That means they’re abandoned for all practical purposes. They might as well be a regular web site with that type of updating frequency. No relationship building with consumers, and certainly no benefits what-so-ever in search engine rankings. For the full story from Advanced Business Blogging,


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