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Monday, June 27, 2005

"...We built a brand online....We did IT!" (Dora on the Net)

Great story in Slate about the birth of the Dora the Explorer brand. There's a great case study here about using the Internet to generate the brand:
Nickelodeon also saturated its airwaves with ads for Dora, particularly during Blue's Clues, the then-cornerstone of Nick Jr., its branded programming block for tykes between 2 and 5. The ads touted an interactive online adventure: Viewers were urged to visit the Nick Jr. Web site and "help Dora make it from her online area to their televisions in time for her debut." Parents who helped their children log on discovered that the Nick Jr. site was tailored as much for adults as for children, with advice on kid-friendly travel destinations and ideas for successful play dates. The Dora adverpuzzle attracted 50,000 unique visitors per day at its peak, and the Dora premiere was the most-watched series launch ever for Nick Jr. (via JupiterResearch Analyst Weblogs)


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